Flavoured facial ice cubes for summer | Summer treats

Hey guys welcome to my channel beauty made easy. Today in this video im going to show you how to make facial ice cubes in different flavours. As summer is approaching in India we all tend to sweat a lot. Sweating causes dullness, triedness and dehydration to the skin. Facial ice cubes helps in recovering back the glow and freshness of the skin. In a terrible hot weather during the summer months, ice cubes are such a relief. After spending a tiring day shopping at the shopping mall, or a hard day working at the office, rubbing ice cube to your face make it feel good. Rather than using plain ice cubes we add natural flavours to it. So lets see how to prepare flavoured facial ice cubes.

Cucumber and lemon ice cube:

1. So for the first ingredient we need a cucumber, a blender and an ice cube tray. Cut the cucumber into slices. Put it in the blender and blend it. When you get the pure cucumber juice pour it into the ice cube tray using a small spoon. Fill it halfway. Then add lemon juice to fill it. Now add little chunks of cucumber on the top. Cucumber reduces the oilyness and dullness of the skin. Lemon controls acne that is caused by oil glands and freshens up the skin instantly.


2. Take a watermelon slice. Cut it and put into the blender and extract the juice. Pour the fresh juice of watermelon into the tray. Add tiny slices of melon. Watermelon hydrates the skin. Exposure to sun causes dehydration to the skin. rubbing this ice cube put backs the hydration and locks it.


In the same way extract the juice of the carrot and pour it into the tray. Add tiny slices of the carrot on top. Carrot helps to remove tan and add natural glow to the skin. Rubbing this cube not only refreshes the skin and mind but also helps to detan.

Lemon And mint

Add lemon juice and mint juice in equal quantities in the tray. Add mint leaves on finally. Lemon and mint are refreshing ingredient. Lemon helps to soothe the skin from sun burn and mint helps to cool the skin, removes dirt and makes it look fresh.

Rose water

Rose water is a great toner. Rose water ice cube makes it more easier to use. For this you will need pure rose water and some rose petals. First fill the tray will rose water and then add petal to it. Rub these before applying makeup. This helps the makeup to last longer.


Neem act as anti pimple agent and it also lightens dark spots that is left by it. For this you will need 8-10 neem leaves. Put it into the blender and blend to extract the juice. Pour the juice into the tray. Add leaves at the end.

Orange and honey

Orange and honey improves the skin texture and lightens tan effectively. Take a bowl squeeze two pices of orange and add 1 tbsp of honey. Mix it well. Pour the mixture into the tray. Add orange peel in it. Freeze it for 4-5 hours


After returning home, remove ur make with a cleansing milk or wipe, wash your face and take a cube rub it on to your forehead, nose and cheek gently until the ice cube melts. Repeat it with the another ice cube. Do subscribe to channel beauty made easy for more such videos.